View from the Top

The perfect way to introduce yourself to Athens is, in my humble opinion, Lycavittos Hill. This is the highest point in Athens (yes, higher than the Acropolis) with 360 degree views of the city.  How does one get to the top, you might ask?And whatever should one do once they get there? I’m glad you asked!
1) Ride the metro to Evangelismos station. Once you are out of the station, stroll around the corner and mentally prepared yourself to climb up a whole lot of steps (talk about tight buns).
2) Thank goodness you don’t need to walk up the whole way. Hop on the tram and ride up to the very top. Once you get there it’s pretty obvious why this place is so popular. The view is well worth the sore legs and sweaty brow.
3) Enjoy your very first dinner in Greece on Lycavittos Hill – trust me, it’s great (if not a little windy at time)!
4) Take your time on Lycavittos Hill. Snap lots of photos from way up there and do not leave until you have seen the sunset. It is absolutely stunning. Between Lycavittos Hill, Mykonos and Santorini, I think Greece wins the award for Best Sunsets.

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